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Let me introduce you to what’s closest to our hearts - parrot breeding. If you are “obsessed” in a same way, you have visited the right site.


We would like to introduce you to our breeding. On the very top of our favorites, there is Alexander Parakeet in mutations, which we focus on. Right behind these, in our imaginary rankings of popularity, there the Australian Ringneck and the Red-winged Parrot.

My first parrot? I do not even remember. Between the “beasts” that lived with us at home, I do not even know which parrot was the first.

My father, a passionate hunter and a lover of nature, had almost everything at home. Our roommates included peacocks, quails, wild ducks, pheasants, beetles, rabbits, hens, guinea pigs, jay, kestrel, roebuckles ... and among them is really hard to say which bird was the first ... Like other breeders-beginners, I also started with some budgies and so on.

Soon, however, the breeding of these undemanding species ceased to satisfy me, and I wanted to push the bar of my breeding a little higher. With the great support and dedication of my father, we traveled almost the entire Republic searching and purchasing more demanding species. With that, of course, my other requirements for the the breeding facilities and new aviaries came. Looking back, I have to admit, my father had a hell of a patience with me! Again, from his beloved carrots and tomatoes, he cut off a piece and left me for what? ... Well, for breeding facilities.

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And so the time has passed and - today it's been 30 years, um, I'm counting right, really 30 years ... Today my father is not here, but my wife and mother of my son took over his support and dedication.


My wife’s father also was “one of this kind”, just breeding something bit else - snakes, rabbits, geese, chickens, cockroaches, mice, rats, lizards, I do not know what else. Also, he was a successful dog breeder.


And my partner has suddenly gotten from dogs to parrots, which is our genuine love.

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